health coaching, lymphatic therapies, IMAET biofeedback

Cathy Ledoux LMT and Certified Health Coach

I have worked as a licensed massage therapist in private practice since 2001.  It has always been my desire to help my clients feel their best, which often meant trying to get to the root cause of their aches and pains.  Over the years, I have taken continuing education classes, attended many online summits and masterclasses all with the focus on helping to optimize my wellness and that of my clients.  I have added additional modalities over the last few years with a focus on lymphatic health as well as biofeedback technologies.

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After a medical issue (non-cancerous tissue in my left breast a/k/a lobular carcinoma in situ) back in 2015, I began to move away from the recommendations of traditional western medicine to advocate for my own body and my own health.  I wanted to get to the root cause of why this happened and how I can heal in a more holistic manner vs taking pharmaceuticals with a host of side effects that I wasn’t comfortable with.  This has been an ongoing journey for me to learn how to care for myself, what foods could be causing inflammation, what modalities (like lymphatic therapy) could help to reduce the cysts in my breasts and remove toxins in my body, what products I was using (deodorant with aluminum) contributed to my breast health, etc and I haven’t stopped learning and making changes in my life and the lives of my friends, family and clients.

After running my massage therapy practice for 22 years, I knew it was time to pivot as I felt my life purpose and passion had shifted.  So in January 2023 I embarked in an accelerated online program with the Institute of Integrative Medicine to become a Certified Health Coach, from which I graduated in August 2023.  I am an “education addict” so always learning new things related to health and wellness.

   I am a Talking Toxins graduate!

I am dedicated to empowering individuals with chronic illnesses to navigate the complex landscape of environmental toxins and their potential impacts on health.  In February 2024, I completed a 5-week online course in “Talking Toxins” in order to help my clients identify and eliminate overlooked environmental toxins that are preventing them from getting well.

In May 2024, I will complete my advanced training through the Institute of Integrative Medicine in Gut Health as I believe it can be the root cause of many symptoms and diseases that people experience today, ie autoimmune, hormonal issues, skin problems etc.