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Frequency healing for allergy elimination and illness recovery

Local and Distance Healing with a Biofeedback Machine

I am excited to introduce a new technology that will scan your body for dysfunction and then harmonize the imbalances found, allowing your body to regain proper function. This new technology is called IMAET (Immune Modulation & Allergy Elimination Technology). IMAET is an advanced stress relief system that will deliver new information to your body and align your autonomic nervous system.  The result of this therapy is a normalization of your body’s cellular communication system.

The IMAET technology examines numerous conditions including:

  • Allergies: food and environmental
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Toxic stress factors such as heavy metal and chemical agents
  • Infectious stress factors such as fungus, bacteria, viruses, parasites
  • Prescription drugs or other synthetic compounds.
  • Chakras and Meridian imbalances (traditional Chinese medicine)
  • Hormonal imbalances