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Healthy Food Store Tour
**Currently only available in Melrose, MA and surrounding areas**

What ingredients in foods cause inflammation? What ingredients in your household products are considered toxic? I’ve got the answers and I want to teach you how to shop in a way that supports your unique health goals.

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What You Will Get:

• 75 minutes with me in YOUR grocery store of choice (your go-to store or a local health food store).

What You will Learn:

• How to be a Detective—what ingredients to look for and what ones to run away from whether it be in the foods you normally buy or the household cleansers that you’re using.

• The best way to navigate the store. Say goodbye to overwhelm and temptation!

• What foods to buy organic and what ones to save money on.

• The healthiest foods for snacking on-the-go.

• How to decode all the health claims like USDA organic, non–GMO, 100% natural, pasture-raised, etc.

Who is this program for?

• For anyone who has ever been confused about what to buy or eat.

Contact me today to schedule your tour.